A Retreat where you can explore and enjoy the freedom of being truly connected and one with your horse.

Have you ever experienced that rare state of Zen where the border between you and your horse dissolves and disappears? - For most people this is something they might have herd about but never experienced first hand... over a relaxing weekend Adele Edwards shares with you a series of holistic tools that will help you improve your understanding and connection with your horse.

A weekend where you can attune to your horse - can explore and experience the freedom and liberation of merging your energy with your horse in such a way that allows you to become one.

Work more effectively with your horse by,  creating a clearer understanding, feel more connected, experience a delightful sensitive subtle connection where your intent is instantaneously received by your horse - increasing the responsiveness and feedback between both rider and horse.

Adele will show you how to create and develop that magical connection between you and your horse through a series of simple exercises that increase your energetic and emotional awareness where the normal separation between horse and rider disappear. Understanding your horse energetically will create a deeper connection that surpasses the regular connection that most riders feel.

Through a series of guided exercises Adele walks you through some simple energetic releases that open up your ability to more fully connect and get you in sync with your horse. Also understanding how to clear past patterns that are effecting your journey together.

 Adele teaches you how to balance yourself and how you can clear your horse energetically - like all living things horses retain impressions and energies good and bad from previous riders and experiences - unlike people who can use psychological processes and other tools to clear these past impressions and stagnant energies - horses don't have the ability to do this. Horse's carry their own emotional energy - and can bring old energies and sensitivities that can make them challenging to work with - by clearing these patterns the horse becomes highly responsive to new fresh re-imprinting from a new rider.

  • Dissolve past and present traumas, or challenging experiences you may be having with your horse through an empowering healing technique.

  • Communicate with your horse in such a way that you gain a deeper awareness of your horses physical, emotional and mental needs.

  • Learn diagnostic tools and healing techniques to treat physical elements as well as emotional and psychological imbalances.

  • Improve your connection in the saddle by becoming more in sync with your horse, so you can achieve your riding goals together.

  • learn how to treat difficult horses with behavioural issues by clearing the blockages that are holding you both back.

This weekend will be one to remember. Not only will your horse receive massage, acupuncture and healing on many levels; you will receve much nurture and support for your health and well-being simultaneously.

  • What you come away with: Riders typically report they feel more connected and aware of how they are communicating with their horse; both with their riding and beside them on the ground. Along with a strong feeling of self empowerment; in knowing how to help their horse through the different issues that may arise; as their relationship continues to deepen. You will share an amazing weekend with your beautiful horse in a loving environment where healing, rejuvenation and relationship building sit as the foundational premise for your entire stay.

Prerequisites: From beginner to advanced - This workshop is suitable for anyone at any skill level. You will gain insights into how to connect more deeply with your horse and enjoy riding and being with your horse in a new way! 

Dates for 2020 to be advised

 Adele: 0417 051 775
email: hello@adeleedwarsd.com.au