A workshop where we are able to reconfigure our time line, re-harmonise our system and watch the healing of our body, mind and emotions take place.

Removing blockages from past experiences, requires re-configuring patterns of energy that are causing stagnation of flow in our immediate expression. When we clear our energy body of past experiences the effect and shift in the present time can be extremely profound. Why is it that past upset is still effecting us today? The disharmonious vibration is like a ripple effect, as the past, present and future are happening at the same time. There is no beginning and no end, therefor these events are still having an impact on us today.  When we are able to reconfigure the time line and re-harmonises our system, healing of our body, mind and emotions takes place.

Time Line energy healing offers a way of unlocking blockages in energy patterns and the cells of the body. Patterns in nature help us to understand the intrinsic system of life energy that is all around us. These energy patterns are also reflected in the many layers of the human being and have a profound transformational effect when they are able to move and vibrate freely. 

 Our body is like a computer chip storing all information and experiences from the past. This information creates patterns, beliefs and programs, shaping our reality and experience of life. When we reconfigure the distorted energy configuration that has formed due to life experiences, the body is able to come back to its unique energy configuration and expression. As you release layers within the body, mind and soul the autonomic nervous system is reset, balancing the energetic system as well as the physical body.

In this workshop you will be given the tools to not only heal your physical body be able to remove past experiences that are still effecting you today! Why is this workshop different? The pineal gland is the computer chip that stores all past experiences, impressions and traumas! In this workshop you will be shown how to access this computer memory chip and finally free your self from events that still effect you today! Do you find that some healing techniques work for a period of time then you find the body or emotions falling back into the same old patten? When the master chip is cleared of the disharmonious frequency the ability to hold the shift in the body, emotions and mind will take place!

Learn how this amazing healing technique will not only change your life but the lives of the people around you! Feel more empowered to make positive change in your life! Learn to treat physical elements as well as emotional and psychological imbalances. You will be shown how to pinpoint the problem then how to locate and treat the issues you are dealing with. Treat major energy centers and meridians that will also assist in removing addictions and imbalances. This empowering workshop is from beginner to advanced and suitable for anyone from any skill level. Dates for 2019 will be advised soon.