Confidence Issues when riding

I would like to share our recent story.

On Sunday I called Adele Edwards in despair. Sienna (my daughter) is booked in for a competition next weekend and things weren't travelling so great. With only a week to practice, and a child and pony who were stressed to the eyeballs, and unable to practice in our arena due to the pony bolting and shying, I called Adele to discuss how to overcome things. I could see that my daughter was stressing, and in turn this stress was being projected onto her pony. The pair together was a lethal combination. And being her mum - well - she wasn't listening to me.

Adele came to the rescue. Sunday afternoon Adele arrived to do a two way healing on both my daughter and the pony whilst riding. She got Sienna to connect with her pony.... and whilst riding cleared Sienna's worries, and cleared the pony.

Adele came back on Monday and did the same work - and both days my daughter practised her test twice each day without fault, stress or worry.

Last night we popped the pony in the float with another pony that she isn't paddocked with and doesn't normally work well with.... The other pony is also competing on Sunday so doing a test run with them both in the float and together was concerning but a necessary exercise.

We travelled up to Wandin Park and both ponies got out in the show jumping arena and worked amazing. Not one shy - not one bolt and a very happy child.

I highly recommend Adele Edwards to anyone and everyone. She is blessed with an amazing talent and has given my daughter the confidence to get out there on the weekend and do what she loves. 

For anyone that is experiencing fear or stress whilst riding - I highly recommend you get Adele out to heal your horse (and yourself) whilst being in the saddle..... If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have doubted it.

Thank you Adele Edwards - your amazing.

The Beautiful Rueben! Such a Sensitive Soul

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I met Adele by chance this year by someone who unfortunately had to cancel their session. I did not know anything about Adele at this stage but something was saying that Rueben and I needed to meet her and so glad we did. After saying "yes" we did what most people do stalk Facebook and look at Adele's website which was just amazing, so I could not wait for our session. Rueben is a very anxious 17hh OTT who is very sensitive and I was having a lot of issues with handling him on the ground and in the saddle. Rueben had been passed around from different owners and he just needed some time with someone who could understand him. After only one treatment with Adele I can honestly say I did have a different horse. Rueben needs to have a clear understanding what he is being asked and I think he just wants someone to be patient. Adele made so many things clear to me in regards to Rueben and I can't wait to work further with Adele to "unpeel" some layers which I believe will help Rueben be a better horse. I highly recommend any one who wants to understand their horse to see Adele she is a lovely lady and has a true bond with our fur babies

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This sensitive mare reminded me of a magical unicorn.

I know it’s two weeks down the track but I too wanted to update you all on Star and I.
After we got home I was very surprised to see Star was now cantering up to the gate to meet me which was a first. Previously , she would only meander up if she thought there was potential for food.
She seemed calmer and almost at peace with herself if that makes sense.
I finally got the opportunity to ride her over the last couple of days and I now have the calm , soft , happy horse I have seen glimpses of over the years.
I would say over our journey we bonded and have had a trust in each other but , now there feels to be a partnership I have never sensed before.
I am so excited for our future together and can’t thank you enough Adele Edwards. 😀

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Recovery of my purebred Gypsy Cob! Lou Couch

I would like to share my story.

Adele Edwards is a colleague and now very dear friend of mine.

I asked Adele Edwards to assist me with recovery of my purebred Gypsy Cob. Approx 2 years ago my pony got caught up in a bunch of old wire fencing which had been buried by previous owners of the property. The wire wrapped around her hind leg and caused severe lacerations and scar tissue which later caused a constrained tendon. Since then my pony has experienced lameness after virtually any ridden work.

I was at my wits end. I had a pony worth $30,000 that couldn't be ridden and a prospective surgery to not look forward to.

Adele and I brainstormed her condition and decided to trial a treatment program prior to my last resort of doing surgery.

Treatment included regular acupuncture into the scar tissue, application of neem oil over the effected area and Moxo sticks (Chinese medicine) smoked into the scarring together with Adele' amazing healing techniques.

We then put the pony into a work routine. A daily walk trot and canter exercise program.

We have now completed day 5 of this program and my pony is sounder than she has been in 2 years.

Her treatment will continue in full force and I'm expecting that she will continue to improve with treatment and regular work.

I will keep everyone posted on her progress. I just wanted to thank Adele from the bottom of my heart for her efforts and assistance to helping with my pony's recovery. This little horse means more to our family than I can even begin to explain and we are forever thankful for your love, guidance and support.

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Helen Sharp Said Don’t Poke The bear!

OK, my turn to update on Adele’s visit on Saturday.
Adele did a session with my horse Dale who some would class as complicated! Adele picked that up straight away😂😂
So initially Dale’s 1st reaction to Adele was shall we say ‘ not welcoming ‘! But Adele persisted and he went right along for the ride, going to that far away place a few times. He takes to this sort of treatment very well and as long as you ‘don’t poke the bear’ all will be well👍🏻😂
Adele picked up that he’d had trauma in his 1st 12 months of life which was spot on and this needed to be cleared. No obvious reaction at end of treatment.
The following day I rode him over the mountain trail course with Brenda Millott Bronwyn Baxter & Deb Van Iersel which Dale was more than happy to do, even stepping up on the big tyre with all 4 feet together for the 1st time. He’s found this difficult in the past. He also managed 360 turns on the platforms, again a difficult thing for him.
We then went for a short ride around the property and up the hill and he also managed to walk down the hill with no effort, something he usually struggles with. Very pleased with all that.
Then in my slumbering state sometime last night I all of a sudden remembered something else. For what seems like forever once I have haltered Dale he always shakes his head - I don’t remember him doing this yesterday! I went out today to bring him in and no head shaking. Hmmmm
But once he was in the yard and I presented a brush to him he turned ugly. I’d obviously poked the bear again! I tried with the softest brush, and even my hand but still got teeth, flat ears and a hind leg. This reaction even as I walked past him. I truly believe this is a dominance thing as after we’d ‘had a chat’ the bear became so very pleasant- to me and the brush. He licked and chewed for a good few minutes and then finally came over to me ( I had left him alone to process).
I’ll ride tomorrow and see what, if anything, the bear brings out for me then😂😂
I guess there’s 15 years of emotional stuff that’s got to come out someway!

How Quickly Children Respond To Treatment:

I came to see Adele after being a little concerned with my 3 year old and his anxieties. 

Luca has always been a very sensitive and timid little boy, but at the age of 2 1/2 to 3 years I noticed a change in Luca. He really wanted to interact and play with other children, but his anxieties were so high he was unable to. Luca would get so overwhelmed he would avoid eye contact with other children, unless myself or my daughter were beside him. Overall with the feelings he was experiencing, I felt he was out of balance.

When I came to see Adele she did energy therapy on Luca which was called timeline therapy, through this modality she rebalanced any blockages in Luca from his birth right up to his current age.

After 1 hour of  treatment we went to a cafe that I go to at least once a week and have been doing so for the past 12 months. 

For the first time ever he walked up to the children's area all by himself and said 'hello' to the owner, introducing himself which he had never done. 

Then when picking my daughter up from kinder, Luca will usually sit on my lap and not move, but he went straight up to one of the other kids and said "Hi I'm Luca, want to be my friend?" My heart melted with excitement.

The very next day Luca had childcare he walked in grabbed one of the ladies hands, smiled, waved at me and said "bye Mum see you soon." I just wanted to burst into tears.  

This was a massive difference from the week before where he was so hysterical and upset about me leaving that I was consoling him for at least half an hour or more before finally being able to leave.

The gratitude I feel is truly beyond words, the work Adele is doing has helped my son greatly.

Such a dramatic change within Luca in less then 24hrs! This has brought so much happiness, to see the confident little boy I now have.

Thank you Adele xx

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Some Wonderful Sessions With These Amazing Animals.

Thanks Horse Hippies!

We were super fortunate to attend another clinic with the amazingly talented Adele Edwards at the beautiful Parkview Equestrian Centre last Saturday. A huge thank you to Adele for again sharing her incredible talents with us and our equine friends. I chose to have a session just for myself this time, and I can highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they need to clear some blockages and make headway on their journey of life. Thank you Adele- you are such a beautiful soul, and your talent is indescribable 🙏🙏

The is Jennifer Masher and her beautiful gelding Captain, who has led Jen down a path of trying lots of different options to get to the bottom of his inability to integrate into a herd or make friends, and his signs of depression (for the want of a more appropriate word and at the risk of humanising his state of being). 
To Jen’s credit, she is so open minded and prepared to really listen to what her horses are trying to tell her. And she is one of the most amazing people you will meet- she has undertaken seeking out completely new ways of training that will be of benefit to her horses, and is constantly working on learning more to be able to help them to be as happy, healthy and content as possible. 
A reading with the super talented Emma Crawford two weekends ago made a lot of sense with regards to understanding what was bothering Captain, and I had suggested that it may be worth him seeing Adele so that she could clear away some of the energetic blocks that were preventing him from letting go of an extremely traumatic event from his past that has completely defined him ever since. This was Captain after his session with Adele- he was totally spaced out and just processing the treatment with his lip completely hanging on the rail 💕💕

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Such a lovely family! Bring Horse and Human healing together....

My Goodness where do I begin. I contacted Adele to treat my 5yo wb/tb mare that I felt just didn't seem happy. Since she was broken in in December'17 she seems to of gone 'sour' (probably the best way to describe her) and just generally flat. I've ticked off the list of usual suspects saddle, chiro, massage, looked into what she was eating etc, etc. But no real change. Also after coming home from the breaker I have had nothing but trouble getting her into the float every week for our lesson. It would take anywhere from 15-30mins every time except coming home she would happily walk straight on the float with NO hesitation which had me completely baffled. 
The first time Adele treated her she was a bit hesitant to let her "in". But Adele was able to pick up that she was in fact growing (she actually has grown in he last few months), that she is worried about change (which explains her hesitation about going on the float) and that she is lonely and is missing an old friend. Being lonely surprised me as I have my retired old boy in the paddock next to her. I kept them separated as he can be a cranky old so and so. After that visit I started letting her have a run during the day with him. And the difference in her personality within the week was amazing. About 2 weeks later Adele came for another visit and this time she was really able to work her magic and I would have to say it was after this visit that I have seen the biggest change. Coco is happier in herself, she is loving being in with her buddy, and the last 2 times she had to go in the float she walked straight on!!!! I thought the first time may of just been a fluke but when it happened again a few days later I knew it had to be Adele.
But it wasn't just Coco that Adele treated. I myself had treatment. I feel we only just scratched the tip of the iceberg so I am excited for our next session. During my session we discussed my 5yo son which led me to book him in for his own treatment. All I can say is WOW. Adele blew me away with her gift. She picked up things with him that I had suspicions about but she completely confirmed them. He has ways had a dairy intolerance. Adele detected that he also struggles with Gluten and sugar, which now I think about it explains alot of other symptoms. 
He also struggles with night terrors and crazy aggressive outbursts since he was 3 but then could be the most sweetest kindest little boy. He really is like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which has gotten worse since having my 3rd child and starting school. Adele was able to tell that he is extremely sensitive to the energy around him. He is the flame and the negative energy flying around him is the moths. So when I'm feeling stressed and anxious, as you do with 3 young kids, or the stress from my husband who has his own business, he feels that. And so would start the downward spiral of his aggression which would make my stress and anxiety worse which would make him worse which would make me get the picture. 
Since his session with Adele the difference in him has been out of this world. Being able to understand what is going on with him and now being able to work with him instead of against him has been a huge help in helping him deal with what he goes through, especially being at school all day with so much 'energy' flying around. I was able to buy him a clense and clearing spray that he sprays on himself before and after school. When I first brought the spray I let him walk through the house and spray where he felt he needed to spray. Interestingly enough it only seems to be the rooms along the back of our house which happens to include his bedroom. I let him walk through my parents house and he was drawn to the middle of her house to 2 Cupboards which share the same wall but are in different rooms. It was just absolutely amazing to watch him walk through every room in our house and my parents and seeing his reactions in every room. 
Adele has helped my husband and I completely changed the way we deal with his "outbursts" we now have a completely new understanding of our boy and the change in all of us is so much more than I could of hoped for. 
I can't thank Adele enough for what she has done for our family and my horse 

Erin Lehman

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Head shakers! not an easy condition to make sense of so.

I was first introduced to Adele through a friend who had kindly and secretly I might add, booked an appointment for Adele to inspect my 19 year old pony, a pony that we had owned 12years that had been suffering with head shaking. This pony had shown early signs of head shaking at age 8, just a flick here and there which at the time was treated with antihistamine treatment, which worked successfully. However as the years went by the headshaking deteriorated and at times she was unrideable. Our pony was a highly trained dressage pony prior to us purchasing her and my daughter continued to compete in this discipline with her until such time she outgrew her.  
She had been treated with many different methods including Acupuncture, antihistamine, inhalers etc. Some vets diagnosed this as Photic head shaking others simply said it was allergies.  
Adele first treated my pony on 27/3/2018. Whilst I was also a little sceptical to begin with I was prepared to give anything a try. Adele spent over an hour working on her time line. At first I assumed Adele was actually reading me as she described what the Pony was thinking. However some of the things that did come out where very significant to my pony. Adele spent time showing me effective ways to massage and I could visibly see the pony responding.  
I rode my pony 2 days after treatment and found her to be loose and fluid in her action, something she hadn’t been for some time. Whilst she did not shake her head she was quite sneezy and snorty. This lasted for approx. 20 minutes. She then worked well without fuss.
Adele treated her twice more 2nd & 17th April. Both treatments went well and Adele felt that my Pony was responding well in her observations. Her two follow up rides were good. She continued to happily go forwards and her action continued to be loose. Whilst she continued to be sneezy on both rides she did not head shake or throw her head violently.  
Adele was punctual and had a delightful way with my pony easily winning her confidence and attention. It will be interesting for me to see how my pony continues to progress particularly at certain times of the year.  
Kindest regards

Shiranee Griffiths

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Such a Beautiful boy

I would like to share a testimonial on my new horse Fletcher's energy healing treatment with Adele recently. I found the treatment to be amazing for my boy, straight after his treatment he was like a 2yo wanting to play. When I got home he raced around and played with his friends in the paddock like he has never done before. He was free of things that where blocking his energy from his past. He is so much more balanced and connected with me now. The treatment has certainly cleared any past things that he was holding onto. It is like Adele has hit the reset button on him. He is a much happier horse. The treatment has also opened up things for us in our riding. We had a very successful 1st outing on the weekend which was so much fun

Jessica Black


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This lady is one unique special soul that's heart is made of gold. Thanks Naomi Fullstop for sharing your story and for allowing me into such deep places. You are one beautiful person that leaves a sparkle where ever you go. ✨

To be completely honest I still have no idea what or how Adele does but it works, and I am forever grateful for her time and the energy she puts into my horse and myself.

Adele first met Spencer from about 50 meter away, she couldn’t see him but she could literally feel his angsty energy bouncing off the round yard. She had a physical recoil as most people do initially. He was particularly full of himself, a good deal of ADHD, a dash of arrogance , a little bit defiant, and completely in charge of everything thankyou, And a big no help required Attitude. Not a great combination for a young horse. And if you looked over at the owner I wasn’t much different just exchange the arrogance with a good tad of unfocused and 50 thousand things I needed to be doing I was distracted.

Adele refocused my horse but quickly worked out the source of the issue most likely was the horse mirroring the rider... but she stilled his feet and his mind enough to do some healing, but gently suggested that she does people too.

Fast forward 3 months after a cranial crack and ready to fix myself I took myself off to personally experience what she does. Naturally I see in colours, and behind my eyes as I relaxed and she set to work on tethering some of my high flying thoughts I saw colours, felt emotions a whole spectrum of happiness, contentment, frustration, anxiety and sadness but at the end I finally felt grounded and very much whole again and present for the first time in a long long time. That feeling was magic.

As a rider that fully translated back to my riding, i was more focused, quicker on the reflexes more grounded in the saddle and as a result started 30 days of barebacking the bucking bronc so that he could fully feel connected with myself and the ground.

We are a work in progress he and I without a doubt... do I fully understand what Adele does nope, but do I want to learn more about it and find a peaceful way to help my horse and I gain a better relationship you bet I do. For me I believe Horses are amazing creatures with full lives outside of the couple of hours daily we spend with them I want to make those couple of hours positive and productive and enjoyable for both of us.... so like the physio we see to stretch or muscles we will continue to see Adele to stretch our pathways, heal some broken, and spread some love.

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very sensitive soul

I am so happy to tell you Adele that I have noticed such a difference in the girls!! I separated them for a while ( a neighbour`s daughter loves to come and spend time with Munch! ) so I had Bron in the roundyard. When I opened the gate for her to go back to the paddock she quietly and calmly stayed with me for quite a few minutes!! HER choice!! That`s a first!

Leanne O’brien

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So Happy This Horse Had such a wonderful result.

To those of you who haven't heard of Adele Edwards and her energy work with horses, this is all credit to her. I have had this horse for about 3 years now and he has never done anything like it till this year.. My big fella Leo started head shaking only every so often, but quickly became a big problem for him. At first I thought it was the flies, as he's always hated them and behaved like this when I don't put a fly mask on him. But after that didn't work, I got him a fly rug and full faced mask - hoping that would help him settle and relax. It kinda worked for the first couple of hours, but he soon fell back to his terrible head shaking. It was then that I had a mini heart attack and realised he may have head shakers syndrome..

Then I met the beautiful Adele - this woman changed Leo's life dramatically! And only after one visit. 
He had a energy block in his neck, just below his head that Adele believed was causing him so much grief and discomfort that his only way to deal with it was to shake his head to get some sort of relief.

I have no idea how, but Adele has been able to finally give Leo the comfort and flow of energy he was wanting, and it only took a couple of days to see the result!

The videos say it all - thank you so very much Adele for your amazing work, I finally have my happy pony back ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chronic Condition Of Asthma!

When horses are effected by any type of shock the spleen becomes compromised leading to a weakness in the lung which can turn into all sorts of things, one being bad coughs and asthma. Cettina has been through so much trying to bring her poor boy back to health. 

Rusty not being able to function or breath has been on and off powders for about 8 months now. He struggles to eat his food, breathing and eat at the same time. Not being able to ride or do much but care for this lovely horse I'm sure has been extremely challenging for them both. The bond these guys have developed though, through this trying time is so lovely to witness. 

Over the last 2 weeks of treating Rusty with energy healing and acupuncture we have seen such a tremendous shift in his health and overall tone! Rusty is getting stronger every day and improving in leaps and bounds. He is now managing his condition with out powders and the improvement has been massive! Hope to see you both out there soon as he continues to improve and become that strong horse once again.

Rusty Befor treatment commenced.

Rusty Befor treatment commenced.

Rusty 2 weeks later after 4 sessions.

Rusty 2 weeks later after 4 sessions.

So I thought I would give you an update on Rusty. Keeping this poor boy above board has been a long hard road for team Rusty. The vet gave not great hope for him living on powders for the rest of his days. 
We came to understand that Rusty was grieving his original home before Cettina had taken him on about a year ago. The previous owners were selling their property and had to sell him on. Cettina being in contact with them through out this time has been able to take Rusty back to the original property that he has been at all his life. 
We worked out that poor Rusty was grieving his old place even one of the dogs has not been the same since Rusty left. I am pleased to say that Cettina had her fist little ride the other day and rusty is as fat as a barrel. So happy for Cettina to feel like she has seen some light at the end of the tunnel. Grief energy is stored in the lungs, Rusty has been able to heal a condition that for most horses doesn't have a happy ending. Well done Cettina 

Cettina Lapsing: Update on my beautiful boy Rusty.. Second ride on him today.. Back to his usual self being happy with lots and lots of energy❤️.. My boy has been through hell and back.. I’m absolutely over the moon.. 12 months of ups and downs.. Rusty boy we got through it❤️❤️❤️.. Love this guy 💕

Cettina Lapsing: Update on my beautiful boy Rusty..
Second ride on him today..
Back to his usual self being happy with lots and lots of energy❤️..
My boy has been through hell and back..
I’m absolutely over the moon..
12 months of ups and downs..
Rusty boy we got through it❤️❤️❤️..
Love this guy 💕


Lovely testimonial sent from Jana Compton

All horses are different some take loss extremely hard and others are able to move forward with little effect. This lovely boy was so sad! The grief energy I was feeling through the treatment was quite overwhelming. 

This poor boy was not able to release his pain and find peace in himself. His energy was extremely low as he was carrying such a heavy burden. 
Shifts like this makes it all worth while ❤️

I had Adele out to see my 8yo clydie x tb. 
I didn’t really have anything specific I wanted worked on and hadn’t noticed anything. I just thought I would see what was brought to light through the treatment. 

I didn’t tell Adele all that much as I didn’t think 18 months ago was relevant to this treatment. 

The treatment was outstanding. What came out was that my horse was low in energy - due to the grief of missing his paddock buddy who died 18months ago. 

Adele helped to shift his energy into a positive place and the difference was evident. He was out all weekend and calm and back to the horse I had a few years ago! 

Having not really experienced anything like this before I was slightly sceptic, although I’m now astounded at the change in my horses overall demeanour and behaviour. 

Highly recommend Adele for a treatment

Had a wonderful time at Glenbrae treating some lovely horses and meeting some great people! Funny story from Naomi Fullstop with her very determined pony after his treatment! They are such amazing animals. Love them to bits 💜

Funny testimonial sent fromNaonie Fullstop

We had an energy reading by the lovely Adele Edwards yesterday on Chester and Spencer.. Chester who is looking awesome at the moment has an Complusive eating disorder (which we knew but she had never met him!) she explained it was like a glitch but his constant thoughts was about food and how to get food.
Spencers energy emitted nervous energy which initially she thought was anger only to realise it was actually an inability to focus due to blockages in his spleen and an arrogance that covered up his worry and his lack of courage and bravado. But his timeline shows that he has dramatically changed in the last 5 months... so good to hear we are on the right track.
Whilst Spencer was getting his energy reading and massage this little horse kept interrupting Adele with ‘food person come food person come’ Adele had no idea that spencer and Chester are best friends...
I truly believe they communicate to one another because not an hour later Spencer broke into Chester’s electric paddock to let Chester out and then broke the gate into the hay shed!!!
Seriously working on listening to what they are telling me and acting on my gut always because I am not that far from what a complete stranger is telling me about my horses..


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.12.11 pm.png

Such A Special Story! These guys had been through so much together!! they both deserve to be happy.

My boy rocky was severely traumatised as a 2 year old, being subjected to a rough farrier and a breeder who has no time for "quirky horses", by being turned upside down whilst hobbled in a float and having shoes bashed onto his feet to teach him a lesson that the farrier and the handler where the boss..... Rocky is now 16 years old and has carried this trauma throughout his life, severely regressing each time an owner found him too hard to handle and moving him on. I have been in contact with almost all of his previous owners and all have shared very similar experiences with me of his time with them being difficult to handle. I bought rocky as a project to re educate and sell on and very quickly come to realise that this horse needed stability love and nuturing, which I gave him along with a forever home with me.

But triggers would commonly pop up and he would revert to and he put me in hospital with a near death experience..... Rocky was scared of humans, refused to give in, every day was ground hog day for us. I had him permanently in a small yard, because if I put him out with the herd I would almost never ever catch him again. I truly am cynical on this type of treatment. My theory is if it doesn't have scientific evidence to support it, then it can't be real.... I'm a show me the proof person.... I always have been. Then I met Adele.... I still to this day can not explain what she does but I can say that my boy has gone from being a bum in your face, get out of my space and leave me alone type of horse to a first to the gate,,,, I want you to hug me first smooch...... I can see in his eyes when he walks away from me now he will stop and turn back like he is questioning why he is walking away and come back to me.

Rocky is deemed clinically blind so his other senses are extremely heightened. I have always had to be very aware of my emergy when handling him as it has been paramount. Many times I have had to walk away from him and restore a simplenesss about myself to make sure he didn't pick up on my energy I barely even knew I had. I don't know Adele personally but I do know that my boy has changed. He allows me in his circle now which he barely did before and he is happy, happier than he has ever been before. He is now out with the herd and I can walk up to him without him running and he isn't worried about everything the way he used to be. Adele has done 3 sessions with him and I have a different horse...... and I have spent thousands of dollars on training and training techniques and clinics and supplements and got nowhere and Adele has changed our life together in words I can't even explain! I can totally vouch for her. She has a gift.

Testomonial to Adele Edwards

I have recently been very lucky to have had some dealings with Adele and I'd like to share our story.

My big man Rocky has had a very rough road in his life, with humans playing a big part in his regression.

Adele Edwards has now spent 3 sessions with Rocky. The first was very cut and dry - he stood in the far end of his yard with his butt to Adele with a very closed off persona and not super interested. He also demonstrated a lot of angry emotion (visually).

The second was hard work for Adele too - I was busy at the other end of the paddocks tending to works with my farrier. He said "I'm not talking without my mum", but after a little persuasion from Adele he begrudgingly gave in a little and when she was done he kicked his back leg out as if to see - "Piss off - we are done".

But the third session was very interesting to watch. Rocky is generally a very hard egg to crack - It's evident he wants help but he is extremely pig headed and very set in his ways. Rocky stood the entire session with his nose poked towards Adele and didn't leave the front corner of his paddock. He seemed very interested in her presence.

I cant explain what Adele does, because I don't completely understand her technique..... However, my Rocky is now a much happier soul and I am able to easily catch him and end to him (which has not been the case previously).

Yesterday, my big man progressed out to the large paddock with his herd, and he looked so happy and confident and it melted my heart.

I have also had a personal experience with Adele after the loss of my beloved girl Faith. After her death, I was having nightmares and unable to sleep well, and couldn't even talk about her to anyone without losing my bundle and being a sobbing mess. 1 session with Adele - and since I haven't had any nightmares, I have slept well and I am happy to say I can now talk about my girl and not feel like a complete idiot in a mess on the floor.

Whatever you do Adele Edwards, it has warmed my heart, and you are making a big impact on both me and my big man. I look forward to our future journey together (but only if you let me pay for your services from here forward) xxx

Happy Mr Rocky

Happy Mr Rocky