Empowering Workshop For Pre-Teen And Teenagers

Empowering Workshop For Pre-Teen And Teenagers


Healthy Mind & Emotions = Healthy Teenager

Most parents I meet would freely admit that raising children is one of life's greatest challenges. Few would claim that they have coped with this challenge with success. 

Dealing with bullying, social media, intimidation, physical and emotional abuse seems to be a growing concern for our children. Therapy and medication are primary treatments for childhood and adolescent anxiety, but they are not the only way to help kids who are feeling stressed and anxious.

Children explore the limits of their world to learn about their place in it.

In saying this, effective limits protect children from an outside world that they are not yet intellectually or emotionally able to understand or handle. Our children will always exert a steady pressure on us to allow them the freedom that adults enjoy. 

The problem being that once they explore the adult world they will vigorously resist any attempts to re-establish appropriate limits on their behaviour.
The issue then becomes their inability to cope with situations and challenges that are beyond their true capabilities. This is at the expense of genuine growth and maturity. 

knowing how much room to give is extremely difficult for parents in todays world. If children have a deeper connection to them self, through understanding how their energy works they will also self regulate and work with parents. Childhood experiences are extremely vital for healthy development as they help children to know, express and manage a complete range of feelings.
Its important to find ways to help our children articulate their strengths, goals and needs and learn self-advocacy how to say no and how to except constructive criticism.

Many parents bring their children for treatment as they feel lost with how to help their kids work through the different issues that arise.  As I say a chief is not always recognised in their own village and I find that teenagers need a place to express their worries with someone that is not always mum and dad.

The different tools and techniques I use with the children gives them the ability to recenter and feel connected. Helping them find more balance with their body, mind and emotions can change what seems to be a big problem, leaving them feeling  powerless, into an opportunity for growth, and a sense of accomplishment as they move forward.

The Children Will Learn....

  1. That all beings have an energy field around them that looks like a luminous ball of light. This light works like a battery, it keeps our body healthy and alive. 
  2. The importance of diet and how to get the most out of their body  (healthy body, Healthy Mind) 
  3. How to make Yummy Snacks the whole family will love.                        
  4. Understanding how energy connects us, how to feel it and improve a wide range of physical, emotional and mental ailments.
  5. How to rebalance their own energy through healing techniques, meditation and breathing.
  6. How to protect them self from negative harmful influences as well as how to remove thoughts and emotions that prevent them from feeling happy, confident and peaceful.
  7. How to use crystals and gem stones for healing and to improve the energy in their bedroom.
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