Crystal Healing Workshop

Crystal Healing Workshop


The Power Of Crystals

Crystals are considered sacred powerful tools that have been utilised for their extraordinary qualities of healing and shifting different frequencies. To many, crystals are considered to be an inert rock used for their good looks, the reality is they have the ability to act as intermediaries so we are able to communicate and connect with higher levels of consciousness. A crystals inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When the human mind enters into a relationship with it's structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the users mind. Jewellery we place on our bodies do more for us than we think. As time goes on, the crystals energy is increasing in usefulness, at the same time if we don't keep these stones well cared for and working for us, they will accumulate and store energies that can have an adverse effect.

Quartz crystals can be used in many different ways for example, storage stabilization, reception, reflection, magnification, programming, amplification, focusing, transmutation, balancing and transmittance. In my work I use crystals all the time, and have found them extremely effective in many ways. They are able to release negative thought forms, which have taken shape as diseased patterns in a patient's physical body. The importance of clearing and programming crystals, helps one bring many amazing potentials into their life, as they amplify and direct the natural energies of the person. Therefor we must consider the importance of intent while working with them.

Crystals not only have the ability to conduct energy, but they will also amplify our feelings, thoughts and intentions. For this reason I will be running a crystal course to help one understand how to use crystals effectively. You will learn how to use them for health, healing and well being so they become a powerful tool, as well as knowing how to effectively program your crystal, to increases healing power and protection. Understanding how to clean and energise your crystals will also determine how effective they will be. Wearing crystals on our body for decorative purposes is nice, but if these crystals are contaminated and not in an alinement with your energy, they will amplify any negative energies that are with in your system. This is why understanding how to effectively work and use crystals is so important.

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