Acupuncture, Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies

Shiatsu is a specific form of healing touch and is wonderful for treating imbalances but also preventing them. It offers us a way of supporting the body, mind and spirit. When combined with appropriate diet, pulse and tongue diagnosis moxibustion cupping and acupuncture, it’s a complete health care system. 

This form of healing works with the body’s own resources. Therefore, if one becomes really sick and out of balance, then sometimes more interventionist measures are needed. Diet is the root of good health as food nourishes life; knowledge of a balanced diet is fundamental to proper health care. When we are out of balance in our life, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, a great deal of tension is carried in the skin. In time, this creates distortion that eventually effects the functioning of the internal organs. Once this takes place, malfunctioning distorts the body’s energy and autonomic nervous system, causing disease.

Shiatsu is not just a form of massage! The Orient developed a system of treating diseases by stimulating points on the skin that were connected to the functioning of the internal organs. These points, which are connected by meridian lines which cover the whole body, were used mainly in acupuncture and moxibustion. Through skilled manual manipulation, which is often done through the clothes, stimulation of the body’s vital energy takes place. Correction and maintenance of bone, joints, muscles, blood and so on is included. This is applied through one-point pressure combining many varieties of rhythmical and changing stimulations. All methods of manipulation aim at stabilising the functioning of the human body. Mental and emotional discomfort and abnormal functioning can be sensed through contact.

Through Shiatsu, one becomes aware of body posture, breathing, areas of tension or weakness on either a physical or emotional level; through this process healing occurs. Shiatsu is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect. The body is extremely intelligent and will re-adjust itself so that healing takes place. The applied pressure varies according to the person, it can be very deep, or very light and feel soothing. I love doing yoga and feel that Shiatsu is like having yoga done to you. It can be applied on a futon on the floor or an appropriate low level massage table. After the session, a comprehensive self care program will be given for further healing and growth; to support the journey of good health and happiness.


Shiatsu and acupuncture are a beautiful and sacred way of working with Horses. The overall balancing and soothing effect this system brings to the horse is very nurturing. It’s powerful transforming quality helps to transmute dis-ease into ease, harmony and flow.

This ancient system is wonderful for promoting digestion by balancing the physical body and re-establishing the flow of energy through the meridians lines. It is very effective for horses that have difficulty in certain movements as well as being a complete health care system. Shiatsu massage can help develop a deeper connection between horse and rider. Through a short series of classes, riders are taught to apply the massage and are shown how to assist many other aspects of natural development and movement. Horses love to be massaged! It has a grounding effect and brings their mind back to the body. Being able to treat your horse at home in a playful and relaxed way has many benefits which can have a profound healing affect in so many ways.

Through this health care system understanding how to identify patterns of movement and energy that can be stimulated or soothed through touch, needling  and connection, is one way to create deeper change with in the body, mind and emotions establishing a stronger sense of health, and overall well being .