To understand human nature is to understand that we are not just the body. We have the body that depends on food, the emotional body that depends on life force and we have the mind, that depends on the mental sheath, the thought process. We also have a spiritual heart, giving us intuitive knowledge and we have the soul, that is the god within. 

The universal heart connects through words and images which are interpreted through the five elements of perception, ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements are the amazing building blocks of nature, and the source of our sensory perception. When the sensory perceptions are healthy, you see things clearly. The fire element brings in the vision of colour as well as sound and touch.

Its expression allows us to perceive the power of art, taking the energy and colour deeply into our spiritual heart. This can have a profound healing effect on the fire element within. When this connection is made the perception of fire brings the gift of discriminating what is real and what is only held unnecessarily. In the mind, space creates vastness and at the same time, emptiness. Vastness allows release and freedom were as emptiness can create fear and disconnection.

The healing art channeled is for the Sacred Child within all of us! The Spiritual Heart is our intimate link to our Soul.
When painting, the channeled energy flowing from spirit, is embedding the Vastness, stability and grounding force of freedom, life energy and enthusiasm into the art. Each piece is personalised to the needs of the receiver. Energy from loved one's that have passed, or spirit guides, is anchored in crystals that are imbedded in the painting. The background has been impregnated with this energetic, so the viewer can expand their spiritual heart and be in oneness with their soul and the energy of the soul or being guiding them through life. A personal message will also be channeled with the painting for guidance and inspiration.


The art work is designed to also teach ourselves to pay attention and to spend time in our inner place. Here we can become more harmonious, more playful and are able to pay more attention to the beauty and sweetness of our life. Your unique piece of art will allow your mind to heal, empower your emotions and create more flow in your life. Each art piece is as different as ones individual finger print and therefore holds the healing energy of the spiritual heart of the being from which it came.