Treatments by Adele

Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Oriental Therapy      

This session includes a comprehensive treatment of Acupuncture, shiatsu, pulse and tongue diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping. Correction and maintenance of bone, joints, muscles, blood and so on is included. You will also receive a diet plane for the nourishment and balancing of your body.

For Horses

Horses love to be massaged! It has a grounding effect and brings their mind back to the body. Helpful for times of stress and disharmony of body, mind and emotions.

For more information on Shiatsu and Oriental Therapy click here

Ayurveda Diet And Wellness Session            

An ayurvedic diet is a predominantly vegetarian diet and considers food as medicine. Through an Ayurvedic body type analysis and dosha analysis you will receive a deeper understanding of how your body best functions for long lasting health. If one eats wholesome and good food in moderate quantity appropriate for one’s body type and in harmony with the season, health and well being is achieved.

Understanding when to eat, how much and the types of food is extremely important as it is different for everybody. Seasonal diet plan and purification therapies are very significant in preventing seasonal diseases.


Ayurvedic oil massage is known as Abhyanga. This method is essentially one of detoxification as the warm oil and body massage promotes better circulation and create's a lot of heat for elimination of blockages in the body. Healing properties in the oil are absorbed by the skin acting as nourishment for the body. This nurturing and oily massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system as well as removing toxic waste, reduce pain and swelling and improving complexion and texture of the skin. Herbal Remedies can be added upon request. For more information on Ayurveda click here

Time Line Healing for People and Horses         

Removing blockages from past experiences, requires reconfiguring pattens of energy that are causing stagnation of flow in our immediate expression. When we clear our energy body of past experiences the effect and shift in the present time can be extremely profound. Why is it that past upset is still effecting us today no matter how hard we try to heal our past. If this is your experience then time line reconfiguration is for you. For more information on Energy Therapy click here

Energy Healing and Body Work Session    

This powerful treatment helps the body integrate energy shifts in a more integrated way, you will feel totally renewed and at ease.

Flower Essences for People and Horses

Flower essences are subtle liquid elixirs derived from flowers, used to address profound issues of emotional wellbeing and mind body health. Their purity and natural healing quality's are amazing. The nature of the wild flowers is to heal and unlock the inner wisdom of our mind and allow us to go forward to new pathways in life. Through this in-depth process we are diagnosing with the flower essence technique the nature of the blockages we are facing in our lives. each species of flowers have unique characteristics and messages, found to have a blueprint and wisdom, which strength physical, mental and spiritual dispositions. This message in a bottle can stimulate and strengthen healthy messages running through your system and when combined with energy healing can offer and support a powerful change within the body, mind and soul. 

Bowen Therapy Session for People and Horses               

A treatment consists of subtle and precise mobilisations that are preformed over muscles, tendons, nerves and the fascia of the body, using a non invasive pressure through thumbs and fingers. This process triggers the body natural healing response of self healing. With Bowen Therapy; Less is More bringing about remarkable change and healing to many physical dispositions. Combined with energy healing the results are profound.