Supporting The Ones You Love

On my travels lately, I have treated a number of rescue horse's that have been poorly handled and starved. The beautiful owners that have taken these poor souls into their care are lovely trying to help their horse's heal from such an ordeal. 
One owner said to me if only my horse could talk and tell me what she was feeling so I could help. Understanding that horse’s or any animal for that matter are so much more than flesh and bones, will help one find greater success in treating problems that can't be fixed by the modern methods of science and Logical thinking. 
I have seen many horse’s be the catalyst to their humans healing. The strong love, connection and determination of trying anything to help heal their 4 legged love. I must say I do love watching the more skeptical person awaken to the possibility that there is so much more. 
Over the years of clinical practice it was amazing to see the awakening of people that would try anything for their loved one or child to no-longer suffer. Our challenges can be our greatest gift although at times painful, not making any sense and extremely unpleasant. 
Finding our inner peace when all we feel is darkness is not easy but once achieved if only briefly, great strength and muscle helps develop our character, allowing us to expand into a better version of self. A gift that's greater than any material gain this world could give. 
On a physical/emotional level the spleen has been extremely traumatised from the shock of being starved. This shock energy effects also the emotional functioning of the spleen which leads to feelings of depression and chronic fatigue. 
In this state the horse will display different behaviour's like being defeated, aggressiveness (self preservation ) overwhelm, distrust, just to mention a few. Most of them still trying their best for their new human although screaming with emotional pain on the inside. 
Physically the horse's ability to make good blood is effected leading to blood deficiency and anemia. This energy takes time to rebuild and heal physically but also emotionally. Our horse may look healthy and have weight back on but like humans we all take different amounts of time to heal the emotional wounds of our journey. 
With human blood tests we can be in the healthy range for our iron levels but this doesn't mean our stores aren’t low, so when having blood tests also ask to have your iron stores tested. B12 is also extremely important in rebuilding the body and giving energy. This should be taken in the morning to give better energy throughout the day.
Being open to healing the emotional trauma energetically will exhilarate the physical healing of the body, helping the absorption of physical substance as-well as the absorption of life energy back into the body mind and emotions. Your horse maybe displaying physical imbalance but being aware that the root cause could also be emotional. Once shifted the body can also heal the physical disposition faster making energy healing a powerful adjunct to any physical treatment. Being open to energy based modalities is not airy fairy it's just another powerful way of supporting the ones you love.

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Adele Edwards