Programed Jewelry

While gems and stones have the ability to conduct energy, they also contain and reflect their own innate and unique energy, which can contribute to a healing process.
I have spent many years clearing and programming peoples jewellery, and have seen tremendous transformations takes place, from wearing the correct crystals and stones for different purposes. 

The crystal healing pendants on our on line shop have undergone a powerful clearing and empowering process. I haven taken these crystal high into the mountains where there is an abundance of energy and nature spirits. Your crystal has undertaken many hours of clearing, programming and empowering. 

Energy from the divine supreme being, healing angels and nature spirits have encoded their energy into these crystals for healing and protection.  The crystals have been programmed to release healing energy when commanded, filling you with divine energy. As well as shielding and protection.

Wear this crystal to bring healing and protection to you when need. Crystals are amazing tools if used correctly. If not treated right, programmed, empowered and cleaned on a regular basis they can collect a lot of negative energy which can have an amplifying effect for the person wearing them. Jewellery should be treated so more harmony and balance is brought into your life.

The crystal can also be programmed by Adele for the person that will be wearing it by request. Your crystal will be posted in a gift box with instructions for the wearer. This can be a special gift for a loved one at Christmas time.

All pendants are on special and can be viewed on our home page under Crystal Pendants