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Equine Clinic

A clinic where you can explore and enjoy the freedom of being truly connected and at one with your horse.

Have you ever experienced that rare state of Zen where the border between you and your horse dissolves and disappears...? For most people, this is something they may have heard of, but never experienced first hand... In this workshop, Adele Edwards shares a series of holistic tools that will help you improve your understanding and connection with your horse.

Adele firstly teaches you how to balance yourself and then how you can clear your horse energetically. Like all living things; horses retain impressions and energies, both good and bad, from previous riders and experiences. Horses, unlike people who can use psychological processes and other tools to clear these past impressions and stagnant energies, horses don't have the ability to do this. Horse's carry their own emotional energy and can bring old energies and sensitivities that can make them challenging to work with. By clearing these patterns, the horse becomes highly receptive to new relationship-impressions; allowing you and your horse to ride together with more joy.

This clinic is as much for you as it is for your horse. After all, the experiences you have with your horse will only ever be as fruitful as your relationship with it. I help you establish your own set of tools to develop your own ability to work with your equine. I will also provide you with a personal energy reading and treatment for your horse.

Cost: $150

For further Information, please PM Glenbrae Equestion Centre, or call Lou on 0410 666 707


Later Event: May 26
Time Line Course - Level One