Cleans and Rejuvenate with Spring

Put Some Spring In Your Step!
For optimum health this spring move your Qi..... 


Spring! The Spirit Of Renewal

A breath of fresh air, breaths spring into life as the sun warms the earth. As we watch the new growth come to life, the flowers blossom and the seeds we have planted bloom. Not just in the garden outside but also the garden within. This sense of new life is upon us and it's an amazing time to make positive change. As we come out of the quite energy of winter our spirit is renewed and we move forward into new beginnings.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the five elements corresponds to the flow of energy through the different seasons. As we balance the yin and yang through the five elements we are able to live in harmony with ourselves and the specific element at the time.

Each element occurs at a particular time of year alined with a pair of organs in the body. The element connected to spring is wood and the complementary organ is the liver and gallbladder. These two organs are the primary targets for spring time cleaning and not only will your body thank you for blowing out the cobwebs but your emotions will also benefit.

Spring is connected deeply with the colour green and is a time of yang.
As life becomes active so will our feelings. The lower emotion associated with this element is anger. There are sayings like being green with envy! Due to the liver being the organ that finds it's self effected by anger, if the energy is not flowing physically as well as emotionally we become stuck in a lower frame of mind. If the body has been unable to clear the heavy energy of winter we can find ourselves feeling aggravated and frustrated.

Spring is the ideal time for cleansing the body, a perfect opportunity to clear any dampness that winter has left behind. As the body clears this dampness we can mistaken it for a cold when its just the natural purging process taking place.

Eye Exercises - These days we spend a lot of time looking at computers which can have a big effect on our eyes! In traditional chinese medicine the liver opens in the eyes and controls proper function, so don't forget to stretch them to help maintain tendon health at the back of the eyes. The livers job is to store blood and release it to the tendons.

Try Yoga - The Chinese believe that the liver is connected to the blood and tendons so when we stretch new blood is released maintaining a healthy body and a happy liver. This is why when we exercise we have a better frame of mind also. If the energy of the liver is stuck and not flowing we can feel the emotion of anger arising.

Eat Green - As spring and the liver is connected to the colour green try and eat more leafy greens and veggies to help move out any unwanted damp in the body. Eating this way will also help increase energy levels

Eat Sour Foods -  Using vinegar and olive oil as a salad dressing or placing a slice of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning to cleans the liver. Sour foods will stimulate the energy in the liver helping it move out any unwanted energy.

Get Out Doors More - The liver hates to feel stuck and staying inside and not moving the body enough will lead to an unhappy liver. Liver stagnation builds stress, anger and frustration so why not connect with some friends and take a strong walk in nature.

Drink Scented Tea - Scented tea can help emit the cold stored up in the human body through winter. Jasmine is a great tea for this or milk thistle tea.

Have A Shiatsu -  Shiatsu is wonderful for promoting digestion and sleep by balancing the physical body and re-establishing the flow of energy through the meridians. It can help improve overall health by balancing the inner organ system and correct imbalance before they becomes more serious. I have observed that the clients I treat with regular shiatsu display a more balanced, calm and relaxed approach to life.




Adele Edwards