The Gift Of Winter


In winter nature is at rest and it's within this rest it replenishes it's self.
Winter is a time of surrender and going deep within to look at the very core of our inner being. To befriend the darkness within and around us.

This deep core inside us is a place that we are afraid to journey.
We try to bring light into this place by socialising frequently, doing way to much outward activity. We avoid the aloneness that winter calls to us.
We are unaware that this time is one of the most accessible times to our inner self. This is were deep nourishment and healing can take place.

Connecting  children to the element of winter, will help them understand the importance of reserving ones energy, to restrengthen and realign their body, mind and spirit.
At this time, not disturbing your inner energy is extremely important, so you can allow the reserves to be re-established within.  Being connected to this process will create nourishment, stability and a security, supporting the natural rhythm of your child. 

The Water Element


Water is the element connected to winter, so the kidneys and urinary bladder are the associated organ system. They are the rulers of water metabolism. Water is the most yielding of all the elements, it will break down even the hardest rock overtime and find the path of least resistance, moving around any obstacle.

Fear is the emotion assosiated with the water element. In a healthy way fear is the emotion that moves us, it helps us stay aware and attentive to our surroundings. It also guides us with caution and fills us with a sense of readiness and courage to face different situations.

When our water is out of balance fear becomes an obstacle to move through manifesting as anxiety and a lack of grounding which keeps the energy trapped in ones chest. We become effected by the physical reaction that fear brings, like increased heart rate and adrenalin. Our muscles tighten and we hold our breath. This becomes a vicious cycle which leads to kidney fatigue.

The kidney energy is the primal energy within. It acts like a pilot light that can spark light within the entire body, mind and spirit. The kidney fire vitalizes the system and separates the pure aspects of water from the impure. The contaminated water is then sent to the bladder for storage and elimination and the pure is transformed into a mist which is circulated through out the body. This action sends warmth and energy to every cell in the body. 

How To Stay Joyful In Winter

Nourish Your Self Well

Eat warm foods and drink more water as winter sucks the moister out of your body! Lots of root vegetables and greens, as well as good fats and small amounts of proteins. If you are vegetarian eat more beans and nuts.

Keep Warm

Dress well to keep the cold out! Warm socks will stop the cold from entering into the kidneys through the soles of the feet, as well as keeping the shoulders and neck covered as the wind points through which pathogens can enter are found in these areas.

Allow Your Ideas To Grow!

Nurturing any ideas that come to you in this time and allow them to grow deeply within. Plant these ideas so they can generate energy and grow, sprouting in spring time.

Take Time To Listen And Recharge

Listen to your body and allow the energy to recharge. This way you can move with the surges of spring. Winter is all about recharging so learn to listen to your heart, knowing what is right for you and when not to push yourself. This is a time of receiving not doing! Be patient and go within. Don't be afraid of your darker side.

Practices Self Acceptance

Learn the art of witnessing yourself and not judging. Learn to recognzse those parts of yourself that you may wish to make more harmonious. Don't push to change them but rather recognize and except them. When we do this we become unstuck and can move forward freely!





Adele Edwards