Staying Strong In Autumn

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With the colder months approaching, our bodies are moving into harvesting and gathering energy! The approaching winter gives into the yin energy, after the yang of summer is left behind. As our energy begins to move inwards to deal with the colder months, the importance of nurturing and caring for our bodies is vital.  

Autumn is about clearing the excess heat form our bodies after summer, and then as the weather becomes cooler, we need to support and strengthen the body. With Autumn bringing strong winds, the effect on our skin can bring dryness. The skin is connected to the lungs and reflect their condition, they do not like trapped wind. If the lungs experience to much heat or dryness, coughs and lung imbalances arise.

Our emotional and spiritual dimensions are also effected by the lungs as they hold the emotion of grief, which can cause the lung energy to contract.

Pungent Flavour
The lungs love the pungent flavour as it helps the energy move upwards and out. The flavour opens and clears the lungs and helps remove trapped wind in the body. The lungs are most sensitive in Autumn, so this is a great time to introduce pungent flavours!

Pungent Flavours

Ginger, garlic, spring onions, coriander and cinnamon are great for chills, running nose and aches in the body.

Peppermint, marjoram, turnips, cabbage, watercress, daikon and radish are a more cooling pungent and helpful for sore throats, headache's and thist fevers.

Cook at low temperature for longer periods of time and steam your foods. Use small amounts of salt in your cooking to help moisten dryness.

What to eat in Autumn?

Foods that moisten the lungs are important, such as apples, and pears. if you are holding a lot of damp in the body, limit your fruit intake.

When warm foods are eaten, energy is taken deep within, helping blood flow up and out to the surface of the body.

Knowing the energetics of food, helps us understand how  different energies act within the body. This way we can treat different conditions with more success.




Adele Edwards