The Horse has a very strong internal nervous structure ( known as the limbic system ) that responds quickly and effectively to acupuncture. Combined with energetic healing the results can be quite amazing. I have found that acupuncture on it’s own will show a positive response with most animals after their first treatment, however the majority gradually respond over a greater period of time. When acupuncture is combined with energy healing the responses seem to be more profound.

  • Acupuncture is performed by inserting, sterile, stainless steel needles into specific points on the body.

  • Acupuncture points are located along major channels, when blockages are released energy in the meridians can flow and move freely.

  • Acupuncture produces a physiological response, pain relief, stimulate the immune and nervous systems, increase microcirculation, and decrease inflammation.

  • Acupuncture response’s often include alterations in behavior and overall demeanor, during the treatment and afterwards.

  • On average 4-6 treatments, usually every 7-14 days may be necessary to control or achieve a desired effect when used on it’s own. I have found when combined with energy healing the treatment time can be halved.

  • Every horse is individual and as such each acupuncture treatment is specifically tailored to your horses needs. 

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