The journey began In my younger years through the hospitality industry; two years of cooking school followed by wedding's and corporate functions. This ignited my passion for food and the creative way it connected people. Working long hours, late nights and sleeping most of the day, I decided I needed a healthier way. A complete change from food to fillings, a dental nurse, who would of thought. I enjoyed holding a space for young children who had a fear of the dentist. The health care system gave tremendous insight into the importance of bringing ease, and its profound transformational effect, opening the door to the next 25 years of work. Clinical practices as a natural therapist and energy practitioner.

An eye opening opportunity arose to work with a incredible doctor were I had much training and exposer in treating many serious issues from mental illness to physical dispositions and cancer. Witnessing many amazing recoveries from energy healing my desire to teach people how they could heal their life became my driving force. Along the way reconnecting to my passion with horses, I found myself applying these same bio-energetic healing tools to my very sensitive, misunderstood horse. From this experience my work with horse’s has overflowed to many, helping owners gain greater understanding and healing for their equine partner.

Through my experience in working with horses, one of the most important links which presents is the bio- energetics. However, in Equine Therapy, it seems to be one of the biggest components most overlooked. I believe that western and alternative medicine should complement one another, by integrating the knowledge of the biological with that of energetic anatomy. My experience has shown me that shifts unfold on a deeper level. 

I have been extremely blessed to be part of many healing journeys . Understanding deeper truth and gaining greater knowledge to the unseen parts of both human and horse has become my way of life. Energy Healing, Flower essences, Bowen Therapy, Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Therapies, acupuncture for horses and Ayurveda are the different systems of healing I studied over the years. A unique method of healing emerged from working with people that had tried everything to shift their physical and emotional issues, driving my passion to help make a difference.

 The infinite wisdom and art of healing is already a part of who we are! As I found the courage to walk towards understanding the many unexplainable experiences I had in life, I found an acceptance and deep knowing there is so much more to our existence. Once we awaken to who we truly are, and are brave enough to live that truth, life becomes magical; bringing healing and transformation from the inside out.