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Adele Edwards


“ The more Flexibility we have within the greater our capacitive is to make positive change”


Equine Clinic

In the context of equine therapy, Bio- Energetics is the theory that a horse’s body is more than a collection of tissues, sinews, muscle and bone. But rather, these physical elements are part of a larger collective open dissipative system.


Private sessions

When treating I look for disruptive energy patterns in the horses anatomy and emotional body, then reconfigure the energy back to its natural flow state. What then takes place is an unraveling within the horses energy, allowing them to find neutral ground.

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Rueben is a very anxious 17hh OTT who is very sensitive and I was having a lot of issues with handling him on the ground and in the saddle. Rueben had been passed around from different owners and he just needed some time with someone who could understand him. After only one treatment with Adele I can honestly say I did have a different horse.

Radio Interviews

Gaining a different understanding of the relationship between you and your horse.