Treatments On Horses With Physical and Emotional Issues. 

I have worked as a Natural Therapist and Energy Practitioner for the last 20 years. Through my experience in working with horses, one of the most important links which presents is the bio- energetics. However, in Equine Therapy, it seems to be one of the biggest components most overlooked. I believe that western and alternative medicine should complement one another. By integrating the knowledge of the biological with that of energetic anatomy, my experience has shown me that shifts unfold on a deeper level.

The focus of the treatment I am offering:

- Work with the horse to clear and reset its energetic anatomy. 

- Work with the horse to clear blockages from past experiences within its Time-Line. 

The horse's energetic body is like a crystalline computer chip, storing information and past experiences. This information creates patterns and behaviors; shaping the horse's reality and experience of life. 

When the horse's energy body is cleared of past experiences, the shifts in the present can be extremely profound. Time-Line energy healing offers a way to release blockages in the horses energy patterns on a cellular level. 

When the system is reconfigured, the horse's energy balances itself naturally. The horse's physical body follows suit. 

Bookings also welcome for weekend and day clinics. For more information please contact Adele on 0417 051 775

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