I believe a time for healing comes for everyone in life. It offers us the chance to integrate all we have come to understand. Trusting the path we walk is the right one, is not always easy. Questioning weather or not we have made the right choices can be overwhelming.  When fear is strong it is extremely difficult to move forward sabotaging the vision we may be holding for ourself, causing us to suppress who we are as our inner voice becomes silenced or even disconnected.

We forget that we have a tremendous ability to know feel and sense the world. Trusting our inner voice and connection gives us an awareness of energies in situations, and what choices we have. The most amazing part of this is, discovering that we have all the answers inside. That it's only old energy, disharmonious experiences and beliefs still vibrating within our being that cause us to feel disempowered. The belief that you need someone on the outside to let you know you are ok, is the disconnecting energy stoping you from taking charge of your life. Making peace with were you are in life is the first step, along with not fighting yourself .

Thinking that in order to feel love and approval, we need to find it on the outside is the reason we try so hard to do the right thing. Struggles in life are an expression of the pain we carry, built upon a lack of self love.

I am not here to tell you this is your truth and what I speak is the right thing for you. I am hear to explain that doing the right thing for myself is is how I have come to deepen my own experience of life. The intuitive wisdom I would love to share with you and the many different tools and tips I have come to learn over the years, that may  assist you in unlocking more of who you are. I invite you to build on these tools and make them your own, giving you greater opportunity to bringing forth your own wisdom and light into your life, and the life of those around you.