Your greatest challenge with your horse, is your greatest opportunity. 

Just like humans, horses retain energetic patterns, good and not so good, from previous riders and past experiences. By clearing these patterns, in both horse and rider, the horse becomes highly responsive and more willing to thrive.

What to expect at a clinic!

Your horse will have the opportunity to release past and present traumas, or underlying blockages through a personally tailed plane and treatment by Adele

Demonstration’s and explained treatment tools will also help to deepen your understanding and connection with yourself and your equine partner. We will also cover communication, why horse’s need healing, how unbalanced energy can lead to disease and disorder, energetic anatomy, Why pain, stress and anxiety are very upsetting for a horse and lead to, so-called, behavioural problems, How physical dispositions start in the energy, Why grief and trauma have an extremely draining effect on our equines energy, How you can use energetic healing to discharge behavioural problems by helping to re-balance whole body, mind and emotion to a neutral state. The relationship between you and your Horse takes on its own relationship entity effecting the dynamic between Horse and rider. How treating past experiences energetically has a profound effect in the hear and now.