Removing blockages from past experiences, requires reconfiguring pattens of energy that are causing stagnation of flow in our immediate expression. When we clear our energy body of past experiences the effect and shift in the present time can be extremely profound. Why is it that past upset is still effecting us today? The disharmonious vibration is like a ripple effect, as the past, present and future are happening at the same time. There is no beginning and no end, therefor these events are still having an impact on us today.  When we are able to reconfigure the time line and reharmonises our system, healing of our body, mind and emotions takes place.

Time Line energy healing offers a way of unlocking blockages in energy pattens and the cells of the body. Pattens in nature help us to understand the intrinsic system of life energy that is all around us. These energy pattens are also reflected in the many layers of the human being and have a profound transformational effect when they are able to move and vibrate freely. 

This beautiful journey that life has to offer enables us to explore areas of ourselves; to bring healing, wisdom and understanding to deeper parts of our being.  Our body is like a computer chip storing all information and experiences from the past. This information creates pattens, beliefs and programs, shaping our reality and experience of life. When we reconfigure the distorted energy configuration that has formed due to life experiences, the body is able to come back to its unique energy configuration and expression. As you release layers within the body, mind and soul the autonomic nervous system is reset, balancing the energetic system as well as the physical body.

Testimonial By Elise Clark-Pearman

I came to see Adele after being a little concerned with my 3 year old and his anxieties. 

Luca has always been a very sensitive and timid little boy, but at the age of 2 1/2 to 3 years I noticed a change in Luca. He really wanted to interact and play with other children, but his anxieties were so high he was unable to. Luca would get so overwhelmed he would avoid eye contact with other children, unless myself or my daughter were beside him. Overall with the feelings he was experiencing, I felt he was out of balance.

When I came to see Adele she did energy therapy on Luca which was called timeline therapy, through this modality she rebalanced any blockages in Luca from his birth right up to his current age.

After 1 hour of  treatment we went to a cafe that I go to at least once a week and have been doing so for the past 12 months. 

For the first time ever he walked up to the children's area all by himself and said 'hello' to the owner, introducing himself which he had never done. 

Then when picking my daughter up from kinder, Luca will usually sit on my lap and not move, but he went straight up to one of the other kids and said "Hi I'm Luca, want to be my friend?" My heart melted with excitement.

The very next day Luca had childcare he walked in grabbed one of the ladies hands, smiled, waved at me and said "bye Mum see you soon." I just wanted to burst into tears.  

This was a massive difference from the week before where he was so hysterical and upset about me leaving that I was consoling him for at least half an hour or more before finally being able to leave.

The gratitude I feel is truly beyond words, the work Adele is doing has helped my son greatly.

Such a dramatic change within Luca in less then 24hrs! This has brought so much happiness, to see the confident little boy I now have.

Thank you Adele xx


Distant Healing

Distant Healing is equally effective as in person, because we are working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the individuals energy body. Every healing is sent across time and space and will have a healing effect on the recipient.

The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present. In the healers world it feels like a waking dream. When we alter our brainwaves, one is able to understand, perceive and experience a sense of the unity of all things. There is no distance and no separation.

From this state of altered perception the healer can instantly access information about the client and also instantly transmit healing energy. From this vantage point everything , past, present and future are all happening at once.

Sometimes we are unable to access a face to face treatment due to logistics or the busyness of life. This is a great option and way of receiving healing from the comfort of your own home. A distant healing session with Skype or face time can help us achieve a time that best works for you.