The journey began In my younger years through the hospitality industry; two years of cooking school followed by wedding's and corporate functions. This ignited my passion for food and the creative way it connected people. Working long hours, late nights and sleeping most of the day, I decided I needed a healthier way. A complete change from food to fillings, a dental nurse, who would of thought. 

I enjoyed holding a space for young children who had a fear of the dentist. The health care system gave tremendous insight into the importance of bringing  ease, and its profound transformational effect. From here, I went on to study the energy systems of the body, gaining greater understanding to the unseen parts of the human being. This journey had a profound healing effect, making a tremendous impact within my own life. 

Teaching self development workshops on energy healing and meditation, my personal journey to wellness and self discovery blossomed. The desire to study more and understand deeper truth become a way of life. Pranic Healing, Flower essences, Bowen Therapy, Shiatsu, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Therapies and Ayurveda are the different systems of healing I studied over the years.

Through many workshops and clinical practices my passion for helping others find deep ease and healing grew. Over the last 20 years so much love and meaning has been brought to my work. Having the privdlige to be part of a healing process with others is a true gift. My passion for helping others find deep ease and healing grew overflowing to a love I hold so close to her heart, horses! 

Such gratitude to my husband Christopher, who continues to support the path I hold so dear to my heart; and the blessing of two beautiful boys  Aaron and Abel, what a tremendous honour. My four legged love Bravo! how much you have taught me, I am for ever grateful.

 The infinite wisdom and art of healing is already a part of who we are! As I found the courage to walk towards understanding the different energies I saw as a child I found such joy, excitement and acceptance knowing there was so much more to our existence. Once we remember who we truly are, and are brave enough to live that truth, life becomes magical; bringing healing and transformation from the inside out.